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Website Registration : If You Haven't Been Approved

If you are a member of Gamblers First Nation and have not received approval and activation of your account, please ensure that you signed up with your AANDC Registration number (found on your Treaty Status ID Card) as your username, and filled in your full name.

Example of Status Card with Registration

(example card image courtesy of AANDC BC)

If you have accidentally signed up using something other than your Status Registration number, your account will be deleted and you may not receive notification to this effect. The reason behind needing the Registration Number as username is related to future online voting. When we receive paper ballots for referendums, elections, etc. ballots have both name and registration number on them. Online/virtual ballots will also need this information to be valid and counted in the future. Having everyone use their AANDC Treaty Status Registration number as their username, with their name also filled in and attached to a primary email address will ensure that the AANDC Electoral Officers have all the information they need to count ballots from the website as they would traditional paper ballots.

If you have accidentally signed up using something other than your Treaty Status Registration number, please re-register with your AANDC reigstration number and your account should be activated within a few days. Activation and Approval aren't instant though, as the Band office has to confirm all new registrants against the Band's files.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to register by clicking on the MEMBERS button in the top menu and following the Registration cues.


Note: The Indian Registration Administrator is available the 1st Tuesday of every month and can be reached at (204) 523-2220.
If the IRA does not pick up, please leave a message.

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