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Membership Under Band Custom - New Application Form

We realized that the old form was causing some confusion as to what people were being asked to apply for, and this new form should explain it more fully and be easier to read and fill out. This application form is only for membership under band custom (sometimes also referred to as citizenship) and has no bearing on a person's Federal Treaty Status and affiliation with Gamblers in the eyes of the Government of Canada.

If you are a member of Gambler First Nation who came in under Bill C-3 three additional pieces of paperwork are needed beyond just this application form. If you are a member of Gambler First Nation but did not gain your treaty status after and because of Bill C-3, then the additional paperwork is not necessary but we would appreciate a scan or Xerox of your long form birth certificate along with your application form, just to help us confirm your eligibility faster.

If you're not sure if you are a member under band custom, please email or call the Indian Registration Administrator, and the IRA can check the membership list.

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GFN Membership application
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29/03/2018 12:59:38

You can scan and email your paperwork to the Indian Registration Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And you can call the IRA's line with the Band Office directly at (204) 523-2220.
All other necessary contact, mailing and fax information you need is available on the form (at the bottom).

To view the application form, you will need the Free Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer (click here to download).


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