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About Gambler First Nation

Gambler First Nation is one of the smallest indigenous communities in Manitoba, with a total membership of 293 of Ojibway descent, the majority are non resident. We are located approximately five miles west of the village of Binscarth and 17 miles southwest of the town of Russell.

Gambler is situated along the Assiniboine Valley, with rolling hills and streams. Our Nation is blessed with breathtaking views, fresh air and a peaceful environment that brings a calmness to our members and all visitors.

Our community offers a fully staffed Health Office with a .8 nurse, foot care, diabetes clinic, etc. The recreation center is equipped with a state-of-the art kitchen, It also houses offices for our Council, Social Assistant Administrator, Housing Director and our Jordan Principle program and staff.

We have a brand-new Level 1 water transfer building and acts as a fill station for our members water needs. We have 34 homes many of which have received upgrades and renovations with many of the homes still to be renovated this year.

Gambler First Nation enjoys ongoing diverse interaction with our neighbours in Binscarth and Russell. Our children attend elementary school in Binscarth and high school in Russell. Members camp and participate in swimming lessons at the Binscarth Park and Pool, as well as enjoying the Asessippi Ski area and resort. Annually we celebrate Canada Day together with a float in the Binscarth parade. The Band Sub-office is located in Russell, the nearest major service center.
Gambler First Nation has first class recreation facilities including, baseball diamond, basketball court, children’s play structure and our 1000-yard Hunter training range. We also have 4 side by sides which are available to the membership for use through our land based healing program.

The future looks prosperous as we focus on quality of life, clean water, housing and economic development. We recently engaged in a waterline contract with Russell to bring clean fresh water to our homes. Where we lack resources, the Municipality of Russell Binscarth was more than willing to meet the demand of our growing population in terms of waste deposal and fire protection agreements. We have similar views in the midst of our cultural diversities, sharing a common vision for future growth and development and working together for the betterment of those living and working in our communities.

Economic development activities we are currently engaging in include oil drilling on our land as well as the final stages of commencing an addition to reserve in Brandon which will include retail businesses.

As Chief of Gambler, I extend an invitation for you to join me for coffee and conversation. My door is always open as I strive to make myself available for members and neighbours alike. I look forward to new and exciting ventures exploring the vast opportunities this Land has to offer. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities in which to work, play and raise our families. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me by phone, by mail, or in person.

Chief David LeDoux